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As a leading IT company within the energy industry, we research, analyse and draw connections between industry-relevant data. In order to make this data intuitively usable, we develop innovative software for you. Our web-based tools support you in the areas of market analysis, pricing and sales management, and our web services enable you to use our data flexibly in more advanced systems. ​

Motivated employees and satisfied customers are the basis of our business. Every day we strive for fair and open collaboration, and we’ve even been recognised for this: We were the first company in Saxony to be awarded the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s “Family-Friendly Employer” seal of quality.

Description of the solution

The relevant contract and consumption data of end customers (electricity and gas) available in powercloud are examined by the “cockpit” of GET AG during the pricing process for existing customers, e.g. to identify loss-making customers/contracts. After clustering the customer portfolio, new prices or tariffs are determined as required on the basis of targets set and local grid charges, levies and apportionments recorded by GET AG and written back to powercloud for subsequent processes (tariff adjustment, determination of discounts, billing).

Advantages / USPs

  1. Automatic import of your existing customer data/contracts from powercloud into the existing customer pricing of GET AG 
  2. Analysis & adjustment of tariffs/contracts with negative margins​
  3. Tariff calculation taking into account individual targets and based on market data from GET AG

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