Fresh Energy

Fresh Energy – From megawatts to mega added value​

For municipal utilities and energy suppliers, Fresh Energy is the leading white-label solution for all use cases based on smart meter data. End customers are offered a new product experience through innovative services – this establishes differentiation, customer loyalty and new revenue streams. ​

Fresh Energy’s platform is built in the spirit of the plug & play approach. With standard connections to wMSB systems and billing systems, such as powercloud, utility companies have low integration costs. In addition, Fresh Energy is open to all types of meters, whether mMEs, iMSys or smart home systems. ​

The Fresh Energy solution has been selected and funded by the BMWi for several projects.

Description of your solution / service

For municipal utilities and energy suppliers, Fresh Energy offers electricity-based added value for end customers as B2B2C white-label products. The services are based on high-frequency smart meter data. The core offer consists of an app – both iOS and Android – or a web platform. The end customer can view, among other things, their live power consumption, the power consumption of individual household appliances and other features. ​

In addition, Fresh Energy develops data-driven business models with the highest level of security and data protection as a service for energy suppliers. Fresh Energy offers tools for product differentiation, customer retention and acquisition and creates new revenue streams through the monetization of electricity consumption data.

Collection / Receivables management

Arvato Financial Solutions – Your backbone for growth.​​

Arvato Financial Solutions offers professional financial services for both internationally operating and renowned local companies; by leaving their credit management to a specialist, they are able to focus more on their core business. ​

The payment flow services offered cover all phases of the customer life cycle: from identity and fraud prevention solutions to credit risk management, payment and financing services and receivables management. ​

The Arvato Financial Solutions team consists of proven and reliable specialists in around 20 countries, including 7,500 IT, analysis, process and legal experts, who are dedicated to leveraging the benefits of predictive analytics, advanced platforms and Big Data. All its employees share a common goal: To enable companies a smooth and efficient credit management for ideal financial results.​

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Brief description of the solution

Adding the debt collection app opens the world to Arvato Financial Solutions’ receivables management. In this way, receivables can be transferred via powercloud’s direct state-of-the-art interface to the “Cosima” debt collection software solution developed in-house by Arvato Financial Solutions. After you have defined once at which point in your dunning chain the claim should be handed over to the collections department, you will benefit from the high degree of automation of the solution day after day. Our system and our strong energy expertise based on decades of industry knowledge will give you an unusually high success rate. Arvato Financial Solutions’ strength also lies in its analytical competence, and the company always focuses on its customers and strives to meet them at an equal footing. Our fully integrated and web-based BI tool allows you to keep an eye on the figures at all times. On this basis, development potentials and process optimizations can be worked out in joint reviews.

Advantages / USPs

  • Maximum recovery success through score-based decision criteria​
  • Maintaining good customer relations and support in winning back customers by addressing them individually​
  • Functions out-of-the-box and therefore has its strengths in low setup efforts


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