Digital direct debit

GoCardless is the first global network for recurring payments in an ever-evolving digital subscription and sharing economy. More than 50,000 customers of all sizes and from all over the world already rely on GoCardless. With GoCardless and powercloud, companies can record and manage payments flexibly, fully automatically and 100% transparently. Powercloud and GoCardless are true cloud solutions that enable easy deployment and future-proofing.

Description of the solution

The GoCardless direct debit is 100% digital and fully integrated into your systems.  The cooperation of two leading digital companies in the field of payment transactions and energy management creates a solution that provides and integrates all functions from the first registration to the receipt of payment. Powercloud takes care of your pricing, billing and invoicing problems and GoCardless, for easy payment acceptance. Together, customers can benefit from process automation, which in turn helps achieve an innovative digital solution for utilities, energy providers and charging station providers (for example) around the world. Simplifying the setup of mandates, automating and collecting and tracking recurring payments in real time gives you a competitive edge and ensures customer satisfaction, retention and conversion. Integration into powercloud simplifies your billing and invoicing, eliminates errors and reduces transaction costs and failed payments, providing predictable cash flows and a seamless payment experience on user-defined checkout pages.

Advantages / USPs

  • Global payment network for direct debits in one currency​
  • Full automation and reconciliation of payments via API​
  • Payment optimisation and reduction of returned direct debits through machine learning.

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