Datenhaus is a top innovative “information factory” with a focus on data quality management and risk management and is representative of both individually tailored and holistic solutions.

In the area of data quality management, Datenhaus researches addresses, including enquiring at registration offices. The outsourcing service offers a high-performance combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. ​

Individual solution and process models for customer data management, based on many years of expertise, offer the decisive added value. ​

Brief description of the solution

  1. Hit-related database research including deliverability check:
    • Research into addresses of relocated customers and debtors via the largest possible data universe​
    • Highest quality through multi-stage delivery tests​
    • Billing is per hit​
  2. Database research and, if necessary, a query to the residents’ registration office:
    • Where necessary, research via the residents’ registration office (billing per inquiry) ​
    • Late registrations are processed and delivered subsequently​
  3. Long-term address determination via address monitoring​
    • Long-term research into previously negative results​
    • High success rate – up to 45% in the first 3 months​

Advantages / USPs

  • Automation of returns processing:
    • About 80% of all work processes can be automated with DDS-PM right from the start. This reduces the costs to about 2 euros per transaction. ​
  • Reduction of investigation costs:
    • Investigation costs are reduced by approx. 35% simply because of the intelligent testing and investigation strategy. ​
  • Workflow optimization:
    • DDS-PM communicates and documents seamlessly with the existing CRM. Based on the experience gained, customer processes can be further optimised and fraud cases reduced.

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