CutOver-Management by Natuvion

Natuvion is an internationally operating consulting firm (Europe, North America, Asia) with over 20 years of industry expertise in the utilities industry. Its service and technology focus is in the area of system and data transformation/migration.
At several international locations, Natuvion and its more than 150 employees advise and support energy suppliers with their digital transformation projects. For data transfer from legacy landscapes – e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, other databases – to new digital platforms such as powercloud, salesforce and SAP S/4HANA, Natuvion provides all services and the necessary technical components from a single source. The Extraction – Transformation – Load (ETL) process is supported by the intelligent transformation software: the Natuvion Data Conversion Server with predefined templates, mapping and data models.

Description of the solution

Professional cloud-based cutover management for successful go-lives. The Natuvion cutover app puts an end to the lack of transparency, missed milestones and poor communication in complex transformation projects. Bridge the gap between transformation planning and task-based execution. The app creates a productive and collaborative project environment for accelerated execution of detailed transformation projects.

Advantages / USPs

  • Cloud-based solution that can be used with any type of device and without installation
  • Central data storage (single point of truth) for constant transparency of the project’s status and error prevention
  • Flexible and automatic sequence control for maximum efficiency and productivity


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