CONUTI Mako switch

CONUTI is an innovative IT consulting company with many years of experience in the utility industry. Our team of 35 consultants supports you from the design, introduction and optimization of new IT landscapes to the seamless integration of systems – such as powercloud – into existing landscapes. Our core competencies include Meter2Cash, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). ​

CONUTI has been working with powercloud on implementation, migration and development projects since 2016. CONUTI provides support and development in partnership with powercloud in internal core teams on site, and also builds its own APPs – e.g. tenant power, MakoSplitter, etc. – and functional extensions such as the CONUTI e-Invoice and CONUTI General Ledger. The CONUTI Migration Suite (CMS) was developed in close collaboration with powercloud – a tool that standardizes migration from a wide variety of backend systems into powercloud.

Brief description of the solution

The CONUTI Mako switch is useful when you want to test the advantages of powercloud in live operation, but do not want to go without your legacy system. ​

It is possible, for example, to launch a new product via powercloud or to process all new customers via powercloud on a specific date, while all other products or old customers are still processed via the legacy system. The Mako switch “monitors” your entire market communication and ensures the correct allocation of market news. ​

With the CONUTI-Mako switch, you can thus quickly access powercloud and migrate the data from the legacy system to powercloud at a later date if necessary​

Advantages / USPs

  1. Functional scope and performance of powercloud can be tested parallel to the legacy system​
  2. Testing of powercloud possible at a fixed price. ​
  3. Quick entry into powercloud possible as a “green field” concept​
  4. Later migration from the legacy system possible


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