Collection management in the cloud

coeo Inkasso stands for digital and intelligent receivables management – the efficient use of new technologies in combination with the “human factor” as a strategy for success in future-oriented debt collection. The goal of coeo Inkasso is to create a positive collection experience, despite the initially unpleasant occasion for the interaction. This is achieved with maximum competence in case solutions, individual digital communication and solution possibilities and an exceptionally friendly approach.

Brief description of the solution

Our solution for debt collection management in the cloud ensures the interactions as well as the uncomplicated connection of powercloud with the aim of identifying non-payments or late payments – recording, processing and forwarding them to coeo Inkasso for processing. This includes the verification and management of open items, submission of cases, feedback and management of status information, withdrawal of cases, a reporting and KPI dashboard as well as billing including allocation logic. All this is done efficiently and digitally.

coeo Inkasso offers customer value-preserving, future-oriented and competitive receivables management throughout the entire customer journey:

  • Preventive receivables management to prevent payment default
  • Processing of contract account related processes in the commercial dunning procedure
  • Collection sequences in the upstream process steps for active end customers
  • Out-of-court and in-court receivables management including enforcement and long-term monitoring 

Web services 24/7 for clients and end customers

Advantages / USPs

  • Customer-oriented
  • digital debt collection, 
  • fast and flexible.


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