CDT – The INTENSE CloudDataTransformation Platform – Any source to any target

INTENSE AG has been operating as an innovative IT consulting and software company since 1999.

Drawing on its energy industry expertise, technological know-how and customized solutions to increase efficiency, INTENSE AG advises its partners on digitization and business transformation projects. The development or optimization of IT architectures and IT systems as well as the accompanying transfer of processes/capabilities, applications and data have been our core competencies from the very beginning.

The CloudDataTransformation CDT™ platform of INTENSE AG is the first fully cloud-based migration service in the energy industry that supports an agile and efficient transfer of existing systems and complete system landscapes into modern architectures and solutions such as powercloud.

Description of the solution

The CDT is an agile and dynamic migration platform that supports an iterative and test-driven mass data migration in contrast to classical migration methods. Varying or even totally different source systems can be fully or partially migrated by the solution to any (cloud) targets. The source data are processed in a cloud-based manner and can be analysed, assigned and modified directly in CDT™.

The business rules for the mapping are created, tested and dynamically updated in the CDT using drag & drop. After the final validation, the import into one (or more) target system(s) takes place. If necessary, selective reimport and selection of data and thus correction at runtime is possible.

Advantages / USPs

  • Analysis of individual raw data and selective or full unloading of raw and source data into target structures
  • Processing of data from multiple source systems
  • Mapping creation via drag & drop with the possibility of additional customisation
  • Iterative loading at table level without full unloading or loading
  • Execution of data validation and mass tests in the target structure
  • Creation of a complete report for audits

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