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Arvato Financial Solutions – Your backbone for growth.​

Arvato Financial Solutions offers professional financial services for both internationally operating and renowned local companies; by leaving their credit management to a specialist, they are able to focus more on their core business. ​

The payment flow services offered cover all phases of the customer life cycle: from identity and fraud prevention solutions to credit risk management, payment and financing services and receivables management. ​

The Arvato Financial Solutions team consists of proven and reliable specialists in around 20 countries, including 7,500 IT, analysis, process and legal experts, who are dedicated to leveraging the benefits of predictive analytics, advanced platforms and Big Data. All its employees share a common goal: To enable companies a smooth and efficient credit management for ideal financial results. ​

For more information, visit finance.arvato.com. ​

Brief description of the solution

With the “BPO on demand” app on powercloud, energy providers can use a flexible interface to transfer their manual processing cases from all energy processes to Arvato Financial Solutions. This enables utilities to absorb power peaks, save resources and map sensitive and high-volume processes, such as payment allocations more efficiently. Mappable processes could also include new customer acquisition, billing, market communication, debtors / payment transactions, pre-court dunning or special processes such as insolvency processing, § 315 processing, etc., which can be handled through extensive automation, manpower and expert knowledge in the energy sector.​ ​

Advantages / USPs

  • Intelligent Business Outsourcing: Complexity outsourcing​
  • Extensive energy expertise – long-standing partner in the receivables management dunning system of regional and interregional utility companies​
  • Flexible contract duration – can be used flexibly either as a permanent partner or to temporarily absorb service peaks and below-capacity situations​
  • Innovation and automation – interface to Arvato system landscape to benefit from case handling, reporting and RPA​
  • Flexible process selection – choice between predefined standard processes and tailor-made solutions

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