The powercloud product management tool

In order to meet the requirements of competitive and state-of-the-art product management, a system must be able to adapt product portfolio to changing market conditions on a daily basis. This means availability and modulation based on competitive and internal control data, such as quantity, margin and sales targets.

The very basis of the product concept is the system-based market and competition analysis. Measures to increase the earnings value or optimize the portfolio, such as pricing measures, are based on contribution margin simulations provided by the system. A meaningful customer management requires synergistic integration of new business models with product worlds beyond commodity products.

Integrated product world

Commodity and Energy+

Develop non-commodity and commodity products in a single product world.

Review and analyze product sales beyond commodity.

powercloud manages your commodity and non-commodity products, orders and contracts in one integrated solution.

The standard version already includes a number of different solutions, for example commodity with hardware and services (e.g. phone bundle), commodity with subscription, metered non-commodity or multiple cross-selling / upselling versions.

Keep your competitive edge

Dynamic pricing

Create nationwide tariff lists for 11,000 postcode/suburb combinations quickly with just a few entries and clicks.

Keep your product up-to-date in a dynamic and competitive market, avoid losing margin and achieve your acquisition and value contribution targets.

Up to date every day

Product and market overview

Benchmark your prices against any number of competitive prices based on selected KPIs. Make differences in prices and tariffs visible and transparent with just a few mouse clicks.

Keep an eye on your portfolio across all product lifecycles. Benchmark and optimize value contributions.

Select product-specific campaigns.

Product intelligence

Winning the right customers

Together with our partner VX Sales Solutions, we use empirical data e.g. on the behavior of customers switching provider (data from and enrich the data to segment target customer profiles.

We assign product characteristics to the target customer profiles for incorporation into product development process.

With these target products, relevant KPIs e.g. churn, can be optimized by double-digit percentage figures.

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