GPKE and GeLi Gas

Market communication from the cloud

powercloud is the first provider to establish market communication as a true cloud service and is therefore at the forefront of the entire industry. In addition to the GPKE processes, powercloud also supports the GeLi gas processes.

The implementation not only focused on lean processes, but also on options for the rapid processing of data errors and process inconsistencies of other market participants.

We do all the hard work

Changing format - free with powercloud

We have been reliably supplying all the necessary adjustments for the statutory changes of format since 2012. This significantly reduces IT costs and the workload associated with testing and allows you to conduct new projects that will really advance your business.

Mature and proven

Tasks, clearing and automation

The performance of a software is particularly evident in the processing of tasks. powercloud is the result of many years of experience from energy discounters and industry giants. Together, we have been able to make processes efficient and easy to use. This not only reduces training costs and avoids unnecessary workload, but also optimizes the quality of your data. For some of our customers, we also include their own customers and partners in the clearing processes.

Easy to use with a clear structure

Everything at a glance with the powercloud contract view

Only software that explains itself intuitively is accepted by the users. This is why we have always attached great importance to software ergonomics with clear and organized input forms and processes.

The powercloud customer and contract view allows you keep an eye on all relevant information without having to painstakingly search through the system or other systems.

EDI and market partner management

For technical market communication, powercloud relies on its in-house EDI converter and integrated market partner and certificate management. Using cloud technology, powercloud can also process millions of messages in the shortest possible time.

For special requirements, such as market communication splitter, we can also connect to your existing solution. Standard integration scenarios already exist for the Seeburger BIS.

Additional features

powercloud offers a multitude of modules. These include customer-oriented and energy industry-specific extensions such as settlement runs or electricity market accounting features.

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