Open Source Cloud Platform

The requirements for energy management software solutions have changed with the market. An increasingly decentralized energy world with new business models and a stronger focus on customer relationships is accompanied by cost-induced automation pressure and the digitalization mega-trend.

As an open source cloud platform, powercloud is the ideal foundation for your digital and IT strategy.

Open architecture from the Cloud

Open Source and the share economy

powercloud is open source cloud technology. It is important to us that you, as a customer, are able to operate your business in an open technology environment without being locked into one supplier. This is why we have only used contemporary and widely used technologies and market standards in the development of the powercloud.

As a customer, you have access to the complete source code and can make improvements and add features at any time. Our share economy licensing model avoids unnecessary and costly duplicate developments, true to our motto – leading together.

Webservice gateway and events

Future IT landscapes will consist of various on-premise and cloud-based applications. This brings new challenges in the setup and operation of your IT systems.

powercloud functions and modules provide REST services on the powercloud webservice gateway. In the future, it will no longer matter whether data is entered by a user, artificial intelligence or another system.

Change messages and triggers occur via the deeply rooted event system. This keeps third-party systems informed and can initiate loosely coupled own processes.

Real cloud power for your business

Scalability and uptime

powercloud uses leading cloud technologies that are scalable to your requirements. As loads increase, we automatically assign additional resources and ensure stable operation around the clock.

Continuous Delivery

Speed is one of the key competitive advantages in the new energy world.

powercloud is developed in agile cross-functional teams of analysts and software experts.

We provide continual updates several times a day without interrupting the system to provide feature enhancements and bug fixes. The optimized technology is the result of many years of work.

Goodbye to cost explosions

IT budgets under control

The functional requirements of your salesforce have increased and are increasing further. Expensive and monolithic IT systems can no longer be adapted in the required time and at a reasonable cost.

powercloud offers a way out of this innovation trap. Modern standard processes efficiently support the core business while various apps connect to the open platform and support special tasks.

Why are you allowing your IT system to hold you back?

Roadmap 2019/2020

Basic and backup supply systems, heat and water

powercloud is developing extension modules for basic and backup supply systems, as well as for heat and water.

Roadmap 2019/2020

IoT, Blockchain and Smart City

Our powercloud devlab develops Blockchain-based technologies and expands our functionalities for the Internet of Things and Smart Cities

Roadmap 2022

Distribution grid operators

We are convinced that the digitalization will not spare the distribution grid operators and are therefore increasing our investment in the DSO version of the powercloud platform.

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