powercloud provides central information for your management decisions

You need an IT system that gives you a competitive edge. The best functionality on the market. A bit more intelligence in the product, all possibilities to fully develop your sales machinery. You do not need to deal with the core processes because they are supposed to function reliably and the system has to do the work. Dwindling margins in the conventional business mean that cost leadership is what your company needs. You focus on your business and on developing new business models.

Sharpen your focus with powercloud

Make the right decision

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is a need for reliability, especially in standard processes that run millions of times each day.

Your system should inspire you and enable you to improve your business rather than becoming a systemic problem itself.

This creates the clarity needed for the improvement and optimization of processes, for new business models as well as for focusing on important customers and pioneering strategy decisions.

Secure value contributions

Next stop: costs leadership!

Thanks to the high degree of automation and a lean setup, powercloud makes a significant contribution to increasing profitability in the cost to serve area.

In addition, IT budgets can be significantly reduced because powercloud as a cloud-based SaaS is always less expensive than an on-premise solution.

Planning and controlling with powercloud

powercloud makes it easy to plan and achieve profitability targets,

Your products are based on empirical demand behaviors, while sales management is based on customer value.

You keep your cost structure under control and benchmark your company daily against transparent KPIs from the powercloud.

Stay flexible

The flexibility and short development times of powercloud enable the integration of new business models without huge development efforts for your system landscape.

powercloud already supports the processing and billing for product combinations.

You will also be more appealing to partners because powercloud allows them to easily integrate third-party systems.

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