The everything-is-possible billing platform

Unlike common industry solutions, powercloud has been developed with an open approach that can accommodate individual requirements. The billing of electricity and gas is only a small part of what’s possible with powercloud.

powercloud is already used to bill products, services, subscription models, bundled commodity and non-commodity products or metered services.


A proven billing system, millions of times

Electricity and gas billing

Energy billing, reinvented. powercloud effectively reduces the complexity of your billing and discount management for your commodity products. In the future, new products will be ready for sale within a few hours. Billable products can either be calculated directly in powercloud or externally. Individual customer pricing is no longer a problem.

From startups to industry giants, powercloud has proven itself to be the trusted solution for the billing of energy products. Safety you can rely on.

Expand your product portfolio

Products and services

The billing of products and services is one of the main challenges faced by energy supply companies today. With powercloud, you are well prepared to accept the new challenges.



powercloud is suitable for billing bundles and also has a solution for more complex marginal issues, such as residual value receivables and prepayments.

Recurring services

Integrated subscription management

Products and services can be designed both as a single-use product or as a subscription model with recurring payments.

Metered services (RLM) and advance billing

Optionally, the determination of product and service quantities can be performed in the external powercloud. This allows for work assignments, for example, to be billed directly from your workforce management tool or via an app.

The “advance billing” process goes one step further. powercloud can bill complete item lines provided by an external system. This provides a central billing process for special systems, e.g. public transport, suburb services or electricity supplied from tenants.

Certified by independent auditors

Subledger and payment transactions

The audited subledger and payment transaction functionalities are integrated with your existing general ledger. Reference implementations to SAP FI, DATEV and Addision provide for a robust and fast integration.

The sustainable decision

Open for your new business models

The open powercloud billing platform also allows for the intelligent mapping of future business models. We would be happy to show you how.


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