Your utility-core engineroom

We manage your processes. Safe. Reliable. Scalable. Millions of contracts and only 4 minutes of downtime in 2017.

We are proud of that.

Next stop: cost leadership!

powercloud customers achieve a cost to serve of 10 Euro or less in real-life operations. Powered by lean and automated processes.

In keeping with our motto: More performance – lower costs!

Open architecture

End your dependence on suppliers and technologies with powercloud. The integrated event-bus and the webservice gateway allow for a seamless integration of legacy and special-purpose systems.

Modern product intelligence and sales functionality

Growing competition, rising cost pressure, shrinking margins. With the powercloud product management you can take a value-based approach to the acquisition of customers and intelligently manage your product portfolio.

We live the energy revolution

Product bundles, energy services, electric mobility…

You develop the new business models – powercloud does all the billing work.

You’re faster with us

No more time-consuming formatting work or legal adjustments.

We provide updated formats free of charge and without downtime from the cloud.

Take advantage of team's expertise

Around 180 experts are working with customers and partners on the continual development of the powercloud.

We’re faster together.

Success drives us

powercloud is by far the fastest growing energy platform in the German market.

Take advantage and grow with us.

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