Mission statement

We are a cloud software provider that supports the players in the energy market on their path into the future with innovative solutions for the digital transformation.

Our target group

powercloud is the ideal solution for companies of all sizes. Due to the advantageous software as a service model, expensive investments are a thing of the past. powercloud is ideal for start-ups, independent sales partners, municipal utilities and large energy corporations. Our list of customers reflects the universal appeal of powercloud. We look forward to serving your company.

A strong and solid company

You can count on the strength and solidity of our company. Despite our exponential growth, powercloud GmbH is proud not to rely on outside capital. Our customers are the foundation of our success story. As a wholly owned subsidiary of MBB Technologies Group, we’re well prepared for the future.

Engineering culture

Our corporate culture sets us apart from the rest. Every single team member at powercloud wants to make a difference and follows a structured and solution-oriented work approach.

Our people create products that help others to make the energy industry sustainable and a little better. The results are our inspiring and practical software solutions.

We are go-getters who refuse to be stuck in endless series of meetings. We prefer to discuss urgent matters in stand-up meetings called on short notice. While others are still talking, we have already completed the implementation of our solution. Our guiding principle is that the initial solution doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must offer a sustainable improvement for the problem at hand and create the foundation for continuous improvement.

We call this our “engineering culture”.

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